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Our Story

Popped Founder with her two boys


A note from our Founder

In 2018, my husband and I moved across the country to a city where I knew no one. I quit my job and had two full months of preparing for the birth of my first child. I did all the research on birthing, baby gear and newborn care and went into the delivery room nervous but optimistically prepared. It was when they laid my son on my chest that it hit me: Postpartum. I was totally unprepared for this part. The next 6 weeks were excruciating. I had no support system nearby. My husband went back to work a few days after I came home from the hospital. My son had reflux, hardly slept and was colicky day and night. I struggled to breastfeed, pump, or formula feed. I had a severe infection that sent me back to the hospital. This infection led to sepsis and a few other complications. It was around 2am in the hospital one night when I was sick, beyond exhausted and trying to pump milk for my colicky son as he screamed and couldn't be soothed. The culmination of everything since my son's birth broke me. This is the absolute darkest night of my life, I thought. I was miserable in every sense of the word.

After I was discharged, I had to go back to the ER a few more times before I was finally free from the hospital. We spent countless trips going back and forth to the store trying product after product to help me recover and adjust. There was such a strain on us during that time, it was traumatizing. I spent the year after my son's birth trying to climb out of a dark space and worked through all kinds of healing. I made notes throughout this whole process and as I looked back, I realized I could have enjoyed the whole transition to a mother more if I had spent as much time preparing for my birth recovery as I did everything else. 

In 2020, I gave birth to my second son with a lot more dedicated preparation to take care of myself. I had such a happy postpartum experience and made a decision soon after to create the products and support that I wish I had the first time around, so that no other mother would have to experience what I did. 

There is truly nothing that can fully prepare you for having a baby, but there is something that can fully prepare you for after you have your baby, and that is Popped.

From one mother to another,